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If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

What bothers us about death and dying?

It is only when we stop to ask the question, that we realise that there is more to death and dying than meets the eye.

When it comes to death and dying, things may not turn out the way we imagine. Our imaginations can be our worst enemy and because of that we need to move from fiction to fact.

Our resources have been selected to provide comprehensive answers to questions around death and dying to give you a winning advantage.

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Death, Dying and Donuts

Death, Dying & Donuts is a must read. This book addresses all aspects of dying. Dr Colin shows us that dying is possible and he provides a roadmap for those who are dying so that they no longer have to fear death. While this book is primarily a resource for those who are dying, it is also of enormous benefit to those who care for the dying, for family members who have to understand the dying of a loved one and for health professionals who need to start the conversation about dying.

This is a beautiful book filled with Colin’s personal reflections, powerful anecdotes and ultimate solidarity with those who face death. It is not about giving up but rather about getting up and making the most of life at the end of life.

“It is only when we have passed the threat of death
that we really get to enjoy our donuts” – Dr Colin Dicks

Stickman - Learning Video

Meet Stickman. Stickman is an everyday guy who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is here to help confront the issues of death and dying.

He knows that he is dying, and he is prepared to share his journey and personal insights with you. There are many important tips, adventures and misadventures along the way. Stickman’s journey is not always easy but by sharing his experiences he hopes to help others who are also facing death and dying.

Find out what Stickman has been up to.

Man giving a helping hand
Man giving a helping hand

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