for it is in giving that we receive

Francis of Assisi

As a charity we support people

Our mission is to help people who are facing death- we know this is a difficult journey and if we can make it easier, we are more than happy.

We are also trying to help some people who are not dying but whose lives are complicated and unhappy due to circumstances outside of their control.

To do this we need your support. You can help us by sharing your story or by a tax deductable donation or both.

Please consider our work and consider making it your work as well. Please give so that we can keep on giving.

Everyone Has A Story To Share

You help us when you share your story, your experience, your wisdom, your heart, your advice or your tips- so that we can share them with others.

Please share your prose, poems, photos, artwork, experiences or simply your doodles with us. In this way, we all learn and be better at dying – together.

Woman writing in notebook


Giving is good for you.

Giving is good for you. It is a demonstration of love. When you open up your hand to bless someone else, without expecting anything in return, you are in the zone.

We encourage you to give. It is in everyone’s power to give.

It may be a simple smile or forgiveness or friendliness.

If you are able to give financially, please consider the work we do and what we are trying to achieve and help us, help others.

All donations in $AUD