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Photos Capture Emotion

Chances are, someone loves you and cares about you, a lot. You are valuable to them and one way you can demonstrate your appreciation for them is to plan a photo shoot. A good photo is acceptable, but what you really want is a great photo.

This is not vanity, but in fact a form of kindness. Photos can capture emotion which is timeless. A photo makes a statement without words, conveys sentiment without sound and, for those that matter, it is worth more than gold.

The problem with most photos is that they are of poor quality. If the only photo of you is a digital selfie, you have missed the boat to make a loud statement about yourself. You can do better and you should do better.

Planning a photo shoot can be anything you want it to be and can be done in whatever location you choose. With a professional photographer it should be fun and painless and at the end of the day, you will be magnificent. We think you owe it to yourself.

Our Favourite Photos

Do It!

We encourage you to get a good photo taken even if you don’t feel up to it. In some ways a good photo may be therapeutic, and a way of saying “get lost” to illness. Dress up, make up, take friends and family along and have that professional photo taken.

We know that you will be delighted and that the photos will be priceless. They are a lasting legacy of who you are and what you think. They don’t have to be formal or boring. Think of the possibilities. I am off to have a photo taken with a huge ice-cream; it says a lot about me.

Please share your photos and thoughts with us. We would like to say, “we told you so”, so why not tell us about it.

Bruce Haggie Photography

When it comes to photos, we are delighted to introduce Bruce and his team. It is often not “what you know” but “who you know” that counts and Bruce is one of those guys we have the pleasure of knowing. If you want more information about photos, or an actual photo if you live locally, why not get in touch with him.

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