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Leaving Your Legacy

Storytelling is as old as mankind and plays an important role in society. It benefits the teller who relives the experience. Whether the experience is good or bad, the telling thereof is liberating. It also benefits the reader because every story has a vein of gold.

We have heard the most amazing stories from the most unexpected sources. Even in the most mundane life there is opportunity for music and beauty and colour.

Your story is important—not only to those who are close to you. We would love to hear about it as well. It can be long or short, it may take the form of a poem, a song or a drawing. Regardless of your chosen expression, we encourage you to share a story so that we can all be that little bit richer from your experience.

Listed below are some ways to consider telling your story. Please do this because we cannot afford your story to be lost.

Snapshot – Your Story​

Is there something that you have always wanted to do? Sky-diving, skinny dipping, steam bathing, sitting in a sauna, shooting, singing, taking an African safari or anything else you can imagine? If so, add them to your bucket list and start planning for it. We can almost guarantee the experience will be worth the effort and the feeling of elation that will follow will keep you smiling for months to come! 

Remember to share your experiences with us, we’d love to hear about it.

Opening Up

Sometimes life turns out bitter. We do things that are wrong, and we suffer the anguish of carrying this with us every day of our life. In his book, Opening Up, James Pennebaker tells us why it is good to share a story even if it is a terrible story. This too is important before death as it can help be at peace when our time comes. People have shared their darkest secrets and in so doing, were released from the burden they had been carrying for years. We are not here to judge, but to simply listen. If you need to open up, please do—we do not publish or disclose this information.

Poetry and Journaling

Take a trip down memory lane and record your experience. It doesn’t need to be a
masterpiece or dead cold honest facts as in a court of law.

It is a gift to be able to create poetry. Whether the words are soft and gentle or harsh and searing, they are valuable to us.

Journalling - Cover
Man giving a helping hand
Man giving a helping hand

Be A Helper