Help Us

Dying to Understand Charity

As a registered Charity, Dying to understand is about giving. We want to give each person the choice to have a good death. We can only do this with your help. You can help by giving in one of three ways.

One of the essential things to do in life is to give. True giving is voluntary and expects nothing in return. It is the action of opening the hand and letting go of something of value to benefit someone else.  At its core, giving is an expression of love.


Financial Support

When you give, not expecting anything back, you not only liberate the recipient but also something in yourself.  All donations in Australia are Tax deductible and if you think we are offering a good service, why not redirect some of your tax funds to us?

Sharing Your Story

We need your insights, stories, feedback and life experience so that we can share it and so build a knowledge base in our community. The final way you can help is by being a community agent, our hands on person, exactly where you live.

Become A Helper

We need your help right where you are. We need your eyes and ears, hands and feet right where you live, so that we can help others in your community, find their way.

Group of volunteer forming huddles