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Healthcare workers know a lot about dying but their patients do not. Recent research has shown that dying patients are ill-equipped for dying.

Dying is more than a bad intention. It is an active and dynamic process requiring time, energy and effort. As with all activities, they become easier with mentoring and coaching. We believe that death education and coaching will empower those on the dying journey and improve the end result. If you believe in antenatal care, think of dying in the same way.

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Stay in control even when you are not. When your health is fading, and death is nearer, medical care will undoubtedly increase and your wishes associated with this care are important.

Important things to consider to support the dying process are advanced directives, resuscitation instructions and, most importantly, exploring the benefits of palliative care. It’s important, for living and for dying, to be informed.

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Man giving a helping hand

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