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Dying Needs

Dying is a painful journey made worse by the lack of understanding about dying. Many undergo ongoing loss and suffering because they are trying to avoid the storm of death. The storm is unavoidable, and it is by accepting the storm that you can find the best shelter.

There are many bumps on the road transitioning from life to death. These include health issues, emotional ups and downs, seeking the meaning of life and a list of important ‘to do’s”. Ignoring the bumps won’t make them go away and denial is not a great coping strategy. 

Let us help you navigate this journey. Don’t do it on your own.

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When it comes to dying, we can never be too prepared. Death has a way of being permanent and anything left undone remains undone. There is a lot to do, but don’t get overwhelmed. Make a list of things that need to be done or organised, and use our tool to help make sure you’ve got it all covered.


When it comes to death and dying, expressing your views via legally supported documentation is essential. Usually, these legal documents take the form of testaments and wills, a power of attorney, estate planning and other matters your lawyer may consider. Whatever you do, try to avoid doing it yourself as it won’t survive if the vultures come, as they do, after death. Money spent on good legal documents and advice turns out to be cheap in comparison to drawn-out court cases when someone contests a will.

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Estate Planning & Financial Matters

Even though you cannot take it with you when you die, you do want to ensure that your assets are protected. Seeking financial advice about estate planning before dying is essential. Why pay unnecessary tax and fees if you can avoid it. Seeking professional help to ensure your estate and other assets are safe and directed where you want, is of utmost importance for both you and your family or friends.

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Modern medicine is sometimes a victim of its own success. With a promise to cure, there is an ever-increasing demand to be cured at all costs, but in reality, medicine ultimately fails because death and dying is a certainty. When a cure is no longer a reality, the hope is that medicine will relieve suffering. This is particularly true in advanced illness or terminal illness.

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Funerals and Cremations

After death comes the funeral or farewell. Most people think of funerals or cremations negatively. They are not bad, they are events that play an essential function in society and are an important part in the dying process in that they honour the life lived, deal with grief and, most importantly, dispose of the deceased body. 

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