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The Importance Of
Defining Death And Dying

“Death is Not the Opposite Of Life, But a Part Of It.” – Haruki Marakami
“Death is Not the Opposite Of Life, But a Part Of It.” – Haruki Marakami

Understanding Death And Dying

Do You Know What It Means?

Defining Death and Dying is an interesting yet often difficult exercise. While the concept of death is used in every language, very few people truly understand what they mean. Even though they seem to be simple terms to define, most people don’t comprehend the full extent of what they are actually describing.

Defining death and dying can be somewhat difficult to understand for two reasons. First, there is no universal definition and is used to describe far more than typical “death”. Second, their definitions may depend on whether you view death as an event or a process. 

Death and dying are subjects that are often avoided. However, it is important to try and define these terms in the real setting of death and dying, so that when people are faced with death, they can successfully cope with it.

At Dying To Understand, we aim to help you define death and dying through a helpful range of resources, stories and e-books that will help you understand, cope and live better. We hope to give you a much clearer definition of what it means to die and how to make the most of your journey.


Death and Dying in Everyday Language

Language is beautiful. Words are able to express ideas and give meaning to things that don’t always make sense.

Death and dying are words that are often used out of context and we are lured into a false sense of security. We use it to describe our favourite foods “This cake is to die for” and children use it in games of make-believe, pointing imaginary guns at their foe “Bang! You’re dead!”

While it is normal to use it in everyday language, it is important to remember that death and dying are not terms to be taken lightly. This is especially true when we talk about our own personal concepts of what these words actually mean.

When using death and dying out of context, it is a safe kind of death, one that we can all manage and don’t mind talking about. However, when death becomes real, the magnitude of this realisation is just as difficult.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t use them in everyday language, but rather use it as an opportunity to educate and become comfortable with the truth behind these words.

Our Definition Of Death And Dying

At Dying To Understand, our definition of death and dying is an extensive one, made up of various elements. While interchangeable, we believe that death and dying is both an event and a process.

As a word, death is a noun. It is an abstract term used to described the end of life, an event that occurs at a specific time. Alone, understanding what death is can be difficult, but understanding death in the context of life can make it more clear. We all know what life is and can easily recognise when it is no longer present. Therefore, death is “the absence” of life.

Dying is an action, and event that begins from the moment we are born. It is a process of becoming closer to death, much like running is a process of getting closer to the finish line. The process of dying encompasses many things, all happening simultaneously. For us, it includes physical, emotional and mental factors.

Defining death and dying is easy, doing death and dying is hard. However, the more we practice the better we get and the more we prepare, the easier it becomes.

Preparation for any task is important. With death, this does not only mean making sure your finances are in place and that you have the right kind of insurance. It also involves learning to understand what it means, coming to terms with why death exists and preparing for this inevitable truth.

Why Should We Define Death And Dying?

Death and dying is difficult concept to understand. To define death and dying means to answer what these words mean in real life. It also means practising acceptance and using the ideas we acquire as a source of inspiration to challenge our own fears.

We believe that by defining death and dying for ourselves, we are better prepared to understand what it means when faced with this journey.

By understanding the truth behind death, we are better able to confront difficult situations when they unfold in real life. This is because they become easier when we have more information to work with. When we are more aware of what happens when life actually leaves us, the experience naturally becomes easier to deal with.

The process of death is never easy and it will never be painless or simple. However, by preparing for this journey in advance, the better able we will be to face it head-on.

Talking About Death And Dying

The Most Important Conversation

Kicking the bucket, passing away, pushing up daisies and more, there is no shortage of names for death. But, when it is time to face it head-on, we are at a loss for words.

We know that death is imminent. In spite of this, we don’t really talk about it. We find excuses to focus on other topics instead. In our society, death has been hidden from our everyday lives. This makes it difficult to embrace and understand something that we try so hard to avoid.

While talking about death and dying might be uncomfortable or upsetting, we believe that these conversations are the most important ones we can have. Having open conversations about death and understanding what it means in the context of our lives can only help us. This not only makes us less afraid, but we are able to better prepare and consider important factors for when our time comes, whether by illness or age. From the end of life can and important decisions to how we want to live and be remembered.

With the right conversation, Dying To Understand aims to open up a space for honesty and help each other feel safe to share their thoughts. We believe that this is how we build healthier, less afraid and more compassionate communities. Why not share your thoughts with us today?

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Giving YOu The Information You Need

Useful Links & Resources

Free E-books

Dying to Understand provides free e-books about death and dying. This information is essential for those who are grieving, curious about the process of dying, or simply want to be more prepared for the end of their own life.

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Essential Resources

Death is a topic that we all have to face at some point in our lives, but it’s often shrouded in mystery and taboo. Dying To Understand takes the guesswork out of death and dying, providing clear, concise resources and information on this process.

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