A Shoulder To Lean On

The care of those who care for others is often overlooked. They are expected to be strong, cheerful, always giving and never sighing – because after all, they are the lucky ones.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Carers suffer. Not only do they carry an unseen and silent burden, but they are experience guilt, loss, depression and burnout. They have to survive death as well as manage the consequences after death.

the dying process - Woman leaning on shoulder of mother

You Are Important

You Are More Important Than You May Think​

When it comes to caring there is a lot to know. There is a lot that caregivers need to know. Below we’ve included all this material as well as some exclusive content just for you.

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Financial Matters

Money is important, we work hard for it and because of this, it should be treated with some respect. Find out what matters when it comes to your money.

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Legal Matters

It is important to have your say, for the day when you no longer can.  Legal matters is about crystal clear communication because after you are gone, no one can ask you about what you need.

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Funeral Matters

No one likes talking about funerals, but everyone eventually needs one. Find out why they are important and how to survive at a funeral, even if it’s your own.  


If your body is letting the team down, it is good to know why and what options you have to keep going, comfortably. If you need to see a doctor it is worth being one step ahead.

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We all have a private and confidential life. Passwords are a perfect example of our secret world. When it comes to dying, it is worth knowing how, what and when to share this vital information.

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Bucket List

Now is the opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do, before you cannot. Give yourself permission to have an adventure and to live life to the max. 

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Celebrate life

You are a 1 in 7 billion masterpiece. Don’t let this go to waste. Celebrate your life and have a big event with those you love. You owe it to yourself to celebrate your life.

Bereavement - photo album


A picture is worth a thousand words. Why not make an effort and have a professional photo taken? You will be thankful you did it and is a lot easier than you think!

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Your Legacy

Your life is full of interesting stories and anecdotes, pearls of wisdom and historical treasures. Don’t keep them for yourself, share them because like you , they matter.

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