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Big Event

Plan A Big One

Life is full of big events—exciting ones, sad ones, momentous ones, and life-changing ones, but unfortunately, one of the biggest events in life happens at the end of life—our funeral. It will be a solemn and sad affair, where friends and family meet to celebrate a life and remember and honour a loved one.

All the important people are generally there, including friends and family from near and far, and those who you may not have seen for a year. The problem, however, is that the guest of honour isn’t there—you. Terminal illness and death do that to you.

Rather than wait for the funeral, why not celebrate your life while you’re still alive with your loved ones. I am sure there may be a hundred good reasons why not to—terminal illness will have something to do with that—but none of these reasons are valid, and they can all be overcome. The reason to celebrate your life is that you are worth it, and the memories created will endure.

Big Event - friends laughing and smiling

Find Your Big Event

Even if the ‘big event’ is a coffee with one other person, do it. Celebrate your life, give thanks for the good, or perhaps ask forgiveness for the not so good, and accept that you do matter. Your life does matter and nothing, not even death, can take that away.

If you’re unsure where to start with planning a big event, download our e-book—a useful tool to get the thought processes flowing. If you have any ideas for a big event, we’d love to hear about them too. The more ideas we have to share, the better.

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Our Big Event

We are planning our very own “Big Event” on the Sunshine Coast.  We cannot give away too many secrets yet, but would love as many of you as possible to join in, by planning your own “Big Event” day. Stay tuned for more details post COVID-19.

Big Event E-Book

Life is worth celebrating, so why not do it while you’re still here. A big event is one way to celebrate and give you the chance to have your family and friend all together in one place. This guide will show you how….go on, we think you owe it to yourself.

Man giving a helping hand
Man giving a helping hand

Be A Helper