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Dying to Understand Charity

DTU is a registered Australian Charity with DGR status* aimed at providing death education so that people can face death/dying and then be able to get on with life/living.

*Donations in Australia are tax-deductible.

Purpose (Why)

We are doing this to help all people who are on the journey at the end of life. When someone dies it affects many people and our aim is to help all stakeholders understand and cope with this normal human experience.

Vision (What)

Our vision is to be the #1 resource for death education globally- where education is a deliberate provision of resources so that people can be better in what they do.


Who We Are

About Us - Dr Colin Dicks
Dr Colin Dicks
MBChB, FRANZCR, MBA, MSc Palliative Medicine.

What we Do

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All the work to date has been personally funded by the directors. This is not sustainable and to continue as a charity we need your help.

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Man giving a helping hand

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